Where can I buy cannabutter?

You can buy cannabutter directly from us at Sweetherbexpress.ca

What can I use cannabutter for?

Cannabutter can be used to make edibles such as chocolate bars like we do on the site or you can make just about anything that requires butter in the recipe.  Here are a few links that show what type of things you can make.  Try this link to learn how to make Chocolate Bars.

Do you want to learn how to make cookies then check this link out Cannabutter Cookies.  We do not have any associations with the website in these links.  Its just a good place to start and popular and well informed.


What else can I do with cannabutter?

With Cannabutter you can also make cakes, cupcake/muffins, donuts or anything that comes to mind.  Just add the butter in the amount you would like to use.  Just remember to use a THC calculator to get an idea on how much butter to use in your recipe.  Just remember that our containers are 30,000 mg each.  You will have to weigh it and then start dividing. An example is if the tub/jar is 30 000mg and weighs 996 grams (2 LBS) then take 30 000 mgs and divide it by 996 that’s how much each gram of the butter contains (30mg) then you can start from there.


One last thing…

You can also just eat the cannabutter plain if ya want.  We suggest you be careful if you do that, as it will be very potent.  Just a finger tip full should do it.  A pea size amount.  You will have to wait from an hour to two hours before it gets in the body so be careful and time things correctly.

We hope this gives a little info on how to make cannabutter edibles and how to make sure you do it right if ya make your own!   Just follow the recipes in the links we provided and there should be no problem.  Sometimes it may be trial and error.  You will get it down eventually to your liking.  Keep at it and you will be a pro in no time!


Take care and Happy 420