General FAQ’s

1. Is this legit?

A.  It sure is! If not, as the webmaster I have spent way too much time getting all the technical things done and the owner has spent way too much money for his site package.  With me web mastering site and other costs, It’s about 3000 dollars so not enough time to recoup money before people knew it wasn’t real or not!

2. Why so little product?

A.  The reason for this is, we are new and don’t want products to sit around too long and get musty!  As the customer base grows more items will be added.  Plus, this is how we keep the prices so low for you!  We want to help people that can’t afford big prices.  Other dispensaries charge way too much for your medical needs and that’s just BS in our opinion

3. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

A.  As soon as we get the order (start of day and end of day) we will ship it out express mail.  It should arrive with in a few days. We provide a tracking number for your order.

4. Can I just meet or pick it up instead of mail?

A.  You can now get personal delivery if you are in the Km radius of East Toronto or GTA min order 2oz (unless you have an agent in area, any amount is fine)

5. Can I order outside Canada?

A.  No! there are no exceptions to this and we may even ask for ID if we think you are suspicious.

6. Can I use PayPal?

A. No we don’t accept PayPal and Credit/Debit card. We want you to be anonymous to us

7. How much can I order?

A.  We only allow 1 item  up to 30g/1oz at a time, but you can place multiple orders in the same transfer to get discount, but it will be packaged separate.

You can now do multiple orders and get it cheaper (On all categories) The following is just an example. prices vary

2 = 120

3 = 150

4 = 200

Buying 1 is original price as stated

8. What are the “Levels” of high?

A. All Percentages are listed

9. What is the secret to your herbs from other growers?

A. We use growers that only do Indoor greenhouse with natural growth!  No harsh chemicals added (like super grow formulas etc)

We also do not use growers that spray their weed with anti-fungi solutions after the weed is picked, so it doesn’t mold (this is what most pro’s do in bulk)

!0. What province do products come from?

A. Our products come from Ontario!  You may have to start using your own province stores when its all 100% across board, If you want to buy a certain amount.  It will be like wine, no out of province “bulk sales”.  But we will have to wait and see what the government decides,  You CAN buy out of province, no limit has been set yet, as far as we can see. But the AGCO does limit all other things so I am sure cannabis will be part of it!

11. Whom are the growers?

A. We cannot tell you that but both growers have had weeds in top 10 finals for years at many cup competitions! Some years, they placed first (we will not divulge details due to privacy) But rest assured, we have some great people!


A. To use an e-transfer follow this YouTube link on how you can do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwiAal0WuFg