Order Form

(How to use an e-transfer is in the FAQ’s)

1. Please make sure you fill everything correctly and you agree to the terms and conditions

2. After you fill in the form hit send and we will get info.

3.  Send e-transfer to Sales@sweetherbexpress.ca THATS .ca NOT .com (subject line “Order” with your name or nickname)

4.  When we get e-transfer order, we will match with the form here (don’t forget pass code for e-transfer in form fields)

5.  We will send you an email with your order number and tracking number (make sure email is correct for temporary contact)

6.  Orders are done at beginning of the day and at the end of the day (manually)

7.  When order is complete and sent, the form is scrubbed and so is info (we keep order number off site) pure anonymous to anyone else

8.  If there are any problems email Sales@sweetherbexpress.ca (subject line “Info”)

  ***Please note  1 order = 30g*** 

***Make sure your e-transfer is right amount***

***You can place multiple orders to get the discount but it will all be packed separate***

*****You can now split an ounce into 2 different kinds, let us know in the products name field in order form*****

Check FAQ’s if you have questions

***We Vacuum Seal Compress For Your

Protection When We Express Mail it***

***If You Want Normal Sealing,

Then Mark The Checkbox In Order Form***