If I buy weed online can my account get hacked?

Do accounts get hacked on weed cannabis sites?

Lately a bunch of accounts have been getting hacked on weed/cannabis sites. Take a look at “this article”

Cyber hackers go after these types of accounts to get your information and financial payments (credit cards etc)

We already knew this was going to happen eventually, so we took steps to not get involved with payments that allow hacking.


This is one of the reasons we do what we do, the way we do it!  At SweetHerbExpress.ca your orders will be anonymous and we dont keep logs of customers on site.  We scrub orders and names after order is complete.  The only thing that is kept is the order ID which is kept off site.  So in essence, there is nothing to hack on our website.


If ya want the best protection and anonymity, then SweetHerbExpress.ca is your best choice for security and knowing your info will not be on some hackers computer.   We have also taken extra steps on the website to stop hackers on many fronts, so you can feel assured you are protected on our site!


If other Cannabis stores dont follow what we do for payments, then they will end up getting hacked in the long run and will release a lot of info to the hackers.


Ultimately it is up to you, how you want to do your business. (we respect that)  We just wanted to at least give you some info on how things work and what happens when there are malicious people out on the world.  Take care and we hope to have given you a little bit of knowledge about what goes on in the background with others sites versus ours.


Happy 420