We Now Sell Seeds


All bags will be mixed with quality seeds from;


Karma Kush, Green Crack, Lime Kush, BlueBerry, King Tut (2 kinds), Afghan Kush

Red Kush, Critical Mass, Diesel Hashroom, Recon, Lemon Kush, OG Kush, Blue Widow, White Rhino


The seeds are mixed because we had an over abundant of seeds and decided

we will sell some (we originally planned not to sell seeds) and destroy them or use some


Several people have asked, so we will sell our seeds (and some strains are made by us)

We thought it would be exciting to make a surprise bag, that way it’s fun and

you will get at least half a pound to a pound, on 1 seed if it’s planted early and looked after


So if you want seeds, then go to the order form and we will be more than happy to ship them off to you


Seeds Sell for 130.00 per 15 seed bag

Only 1 seed bag per order (you can still order other things with seeds)

If you want more than 1 bag of seeds then you will have to place separate orders for it